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    Listen Up Bitch: May

    Listen Up Bitch - May - Borderline Badass

    Oh, hey! The posts are coming thick and fast at the moment – I don’t want to jinx it but I may well be finding my groove with this blogging malarkey. Today blogging, tomorrow the world… or prison. Having said that it’s a bank holiday coming up and I’m finally leaving my hermit-esque self incarceration and doing stuff outside of the house. This will include drinking of some sort so whether I can keep up the frequency when I’m hungover…

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  • I want It - Feature - Borderline Badass
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    I Want It: May Edition

    The problem with working in digital and spending a lot of time online is that I’m never more than a few clicks away from emptying my bank account, which is already…

  • Green trend - Borderline Badass
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    Getting On The Green Trend (#OOTD)

    Trends. How do we feel about fashion trends? The thing that annoys me about fashion trends is that as soon as I spend good money on something ‘trendy’ it won’t be cool anymore…

  • Swarm - Borderline Badass
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    5 things that happened to me at Swarm

    I’m not known for a sunny disposition but I can say that this week has been a good week. Things have been positive at work, I’m very pleased with my new haircut and I’ve made…

  • Warm enough for short #OOTD - Borderlie Badass
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    It is warm enough for shorts? (#OOTD)

    In summary, YES! My human sacrifices have worked, the Gods have been appeased and we have been blessed with some beautiful weather for the last few days. No need to thank me.…

  • Listen Up Bitch April - Borderline Badass
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    Listen Up Bitch: April

    As the month of April draws to a close two big questions I’ve been asking are “DAFUQ is going on with the weather?” and “Is #LEMONADE really any good?”. The answers…